Yoga is about clearing away whatever is in us that prevents our living in the most full and whole way Cybele Tomlinson


Welcome to Inspya Me Online Yoga Studio + Inspya Yoga Therapies

I'm Nic Whiteman your personal Yoga teacher. I  am passionate about sharing the blessings Yoga has given me over the last 27 years and making Yoga accessible to everybody.

My online offering is my realised dream of sharing all the amazing benefits Yoga delivers both on and off the mat for Mind Body and Soul.

I also offer in-person sessions, workshops and retreats and love supporting others in finding their Yoga. Regardless of your age, experience, ability or any condition you have there is a Yoga for you and I am here to help you find your way to heal, rejuvenate and transform through this practice.  I specialise in core conditioning, breath work & meditation coaching, developing and living in a Yogic mindset, Yoga therapy and rehabilitation.  

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My Offerings
My Offerings

Private Sessions

Private sessions for one or two students are available with me both online and in-person in the Sutherland Shire, Sydney.  I provide personalised Breath work + Meditation coaching, Yoga Therapy, core strengthening and various rehabilitation programs as well as advanced Yoga practice techniques.  I provide support and mentoring to fellow Yoga teachers & studio owners.

Online Yoga + Meditation Studio

Inspya Me Yoga + Meditation studio has daily, monthly and yearly memberships with unlimited access to an extensive variety of 170+ Yoga & Meditation classes plus minimum 2 x live streams every month.   The library includes Yoga for Over 60's, lower back, knees and many other conditions requiring alternatives and a rehabilitation focus.

Enjoy Yoga at home, choose a style to suit your needs.

Pop-Up Classes + Workshops

Outdoor Yoga Classes - General and Over 60's, plus Workshops held in Sutherland Shire.  Space is limited so you need to book your spot.  Sign up to my newsletter and I'll keep you updated each month.


NEW regular classes coming

Feb 2021!


Online Workshops, Retreats + Courses

You can either join me in-person for my pop-up Workshops, Retreats or meditation coaching - or you can purchase the online version and practice in the comfort of your own home and repeat as often as you like.  Includes Learn to Meditate course,

Book Club, Chakra Workshop, Virtual 3-Day Retreat.


Yoga & Meditation Retreats

Retreats are an opportunity to take your Yoga + Meditation practice deeper, allowing yourself the space to heal, rejuvenate and transform. Time for you.  Limited to small groups only.  Blue Mountains Retreats nearly sold out.  More dates coming for Byron Bay 2021 ~ sign up to my newsletter so I can keep you updated.

Warrior Women Retreats

Join me in collaboration with my fitness nutrition guru and fellow wellness warrior Tam Kerr.  Our retreats are the ultimate combination of Yoga, meditation, fitness, nutrition and mindset training - we cater to all fitness levels and abilities.   Retreat dates for 2021 coming soon - sign up to our newsletter so we can keep you updated.

Join Inspya Tribe

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Need suggestions creating your home Yoga space - click here


The online library is extensive ~ click here to discover how to navigate the video content so you can get the most out of what is available to you, taking into consideration your personal needs or conditions.

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"Brilliant Yoga teacher! Nicole's online classes are fantastic for my busy work schedule as a GP. There is great flexibility, having classes of different lengths and also for different energy levels. The shorter classes are good to get some exercise in before work or when I am keen at lunch time behind the closed door of my office. The online classes help me balance out long hours of sitting at a desk. Nicole's outstanding grasp of anatomy and biomechanics not only helps strengthen my body and get my stiff body moving better, it has fixed my neck and back pain. She also has an uncanny nack of knowing what you are going to do wrong even when she can't see you, so manages to correct your postures and prevent you injuring yourself. Highly Recommended!"  Sharyn

"Just love Nic’s classes! She has a great knowledge and an abundance of experience, especially with injuries. I walk into a class with my usual unstable and sore SIJ and walk out a new woman! Highly recommend Nic’s classes, whether it is in person or online!"  Christina

"I particularly like the flow classes and core burn styles. I choose a range of 15 minute to 1 hr classes. The 15 minute classes are great to get you moving if you are strapped for time, working etc.
Nic is a great teacher with a wealth of experience. Her instructions are clear and concise and she caters well for all levels of fitness, age, purpose and mind set. I love Inspya Me Online Yoga as I can do the classes at a time that suits me, there are a large variety of lessons of both time and purpose and Nic's instructions are first class."  

"Absolutely love Nic’s online videos and virtual classes, the content is such high quality and done so professionally it’s almost like she’s in my living room! So great also to be able to choose from so many different videos depending on my mood."  Mel

"This studio, the online access and Nic herself are all awesome. I had never done Yoga before and Nic taught me so well.... I understand why I do certain movements and hows the smallest adjustment to that movement has a whole different impact on my body and mind.Give it a go if you're hesitating - it's the best!!"  Belinda

"I have been a longtime passionate devotee of Nic’s classes and her knowledgeable, caring and supportive teaching style. The opportunity to join Nic’s online studio has allowed me to practise yoga at any time I choose and the wonderful variety of class types means you can select a style that is a fit for you and your needs on that day. Nic has maintained the nurturing quality of her teaching as she guides you through the poses just as she would if you were together in a studio. I would highly recommend Nic’s online studio as it offers flexibility, a wide variety of classes, and an experienced and knowledgeable teacher."  Deb

Inspya Yoga Therapies with Nic Whiteman

Tel: 0434 417 261

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