Hi I'm Nic

Yoga + YogalatesTM Teacher - YogalatesTM Teacher Trainer - Mind-Body-Soul practitioner

I am a trained Yoga teacher (1900hrs+), YogalatesTM Master Trainer, Meditation & Breathwork Coach, Body Work Therapist (all the finer details & quals below), small business owner and entrepreneur.  At 19yrs I began exploring my journey of Yoga, initially to deal with postural conditions, injuries and ailments, however this was really a facade for the yearning and curiosity I had for spirituality.  Over 27 years my Yoga journey has gifted me by transforming who I am and providing me with a mind and body I LOVE living with, a deep unwavering connection to Spirit AND our extraordinary ability to heal (a far cry from the life craving, shy, awkward, anxious, gangly, unco-ordinated and physically uncomfortable Yogi I started out as!)


At first I delved into Ashtanga, Hatha, Iyengar, Bikram, Meditation, chanting and ashrams, eventually at age 30yrs I landed in my teaching foundations in Byron Bay with Louise Solomon and her YogalatesTM Method. Fortunately back then my Yoga teacher training was a 645hr full-time training immersion and the studies were in-depth, we lived and breathed it (literally!) for the year, which I am sure embedded the practice into my every cell.  I knew this is what I wanted to do, I had found my Dharma - to share with as many people possible the gifts Yoga has blessed me with. My dream is to share living + loving Yoga with as many of you I can! 


From 2004 to mid-2018 I owned a thriving Yoga studio & wellness centre in Sydney's south, unintentionally I found myself surrounded by a vibrant heart-felt Yogi community.  It is now years later and I still feel so nourished by and infinitely bound to what has now become a worldwide community (thanks also to social media).  All the teachers and students I have met, each and every one of these Souls have influenced who I am and how I share Yoga today.  My teaching over these 16yrs has evolved in response to both physical and personal challenges, from asana focus to the more subtle alignment and energy flow. Everyone finds Yoga from a different angle, it has something unique for each individual, so the content of my online community Inspya Me allows you to explore your body, your mind, align with your needs, to find your Yoga.  I am here with you every step to answer your questions, to help design a practice your way.  


My retreats and workshops are small groups only so I can provide a more personalised practice for my students.  I also offer private sessions in person and online to support students on a more personal journey. Yoga means 'union or connection' in Sanskrit, my goal is to help you find your way of practicing and connecting. This it what inspires me most, to support YOU in developing your Yoga practice.


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  • Diploma of YogalatesTM Teacher Training 645hrs 2004 (+400hrs+ ongoing yearly updates), Yoga Pilates Training Academy Australia

  • YogalatesTM Master Teacher Trainer since 2016 - Sydney, Byron Bay, Tuscany and Bali  (more information on YogalatesTM Teacher Training)

  • Anatomy & Physiology I & II 2003, TAFE NSW

  • Diploma of Remedial, Swedish and Shiatsu Massage 2003, NSW School of Therapeutic Massage

  • Anatomy & Functional Movement 2008 50hrs, UWA 

  • Heart of the Samurai - Advanced Leadership 2010, Klemmer & Associates

  • Chakra Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training 2012 100hrs, Being Yoga

  • Chakra VinyasaTM Teacher Training 2013 100hrs, Samudra Yoga (Shiva Rea)

  • Craniosacral Therapy Level 1 2013, Craniosacral Institute Australia

  • Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant 2014, Ayurveda Elements Academy Australia (Dr Rama Prasad)

  • Yoga Physiology & Philosophy 2016 100hrs, Clive Salzer

  • Bhakti Philosophy 2018 35hrs, Raghunath Cappo

  • Yoga ShredTM Teacher Training 2019 15hrs, Sadie Nardini

  • Life Coach Certificationcurrently studying

  • Energetic Alignment Course, 2018 Janet Stone Yoga

  • The Art of Assisting Teacher Training, 2019 Janet Stone Yoga

  • Tantric Hatha Yoga 50hrs, 2020 The Practice Bali, Octavio Salvado

  • Founder and previous owner of Body Awakenings Yoga Pilates & Alternative Therapies Centre, Gymea NSW 2004 until August 2018

  • Yoga & Meditation Retreat Facilitator of over 20 retreats since 2009 - Bali, Fiji, NSW (including Body Awakenings, Eat Pray Love, Inspya Yoga Therapies, Warrior Women Retreats

  • Yoga Australia Member - Senior Level 3 Registered Teacher