Creating your Home Yoga Space

Congratulations you are bringing your Yoga home! A home practice allows so much more space to's all up to you, what you feel, when you feel like it, how long you feel like practicing for.  A chance to notice how different your practice is each day, even at different times of the day, how your needs change.  It's more you.  It's more 'Yoga'!
You will find in the descriptions of Inspya Me Online Yoga library the props required for each practice.  It's not a necessity to have all the right things straight away, there are options.
Below is a list of props you could benefit from having, where to buy and options you can make do with instead.

Maybe you have a delegated space or room to set up permanently.....or perhaps you could store your props in a basket or bag somewhere so it's easy setup.  Do you need your laptop/device and perhaps a table to sit it up on? And we will need wifi.

Yoga means 'connect' or 'to make union', so as you start your practice check in with what you need - centre with the breath, before choosing your practice.

My tips for practising;

  • Limber and warm up before you load joints in stronger practices (it hydrates, aligns and protects) - try Morning Limber, Yogi Prehab (eventually create your own personal routine)

  • Know your body - what are your injuries/conditions (use the awareness videos to learn how to modify for you), what are your limitations, notice when you are over-loading and causing strain and lack of breath, pause or take a lower level/option (that's when we grow stronger...and smarter) - become the wise Yogi, find Your Yoga.

  • Listen to the cues, rewind or ask me personal questions if anything not making sense

  • Never hesitate to connect me - I am here to help.  If my cues are not relatable email or give me a call (in business hours please) or we could have an online private session.  In my classes I use a variety of cues and language to give description when I see students not connecting with what I have said, but on these videos you get just one version, maybe it is one that's not resonating with you.

  • Balance your practice - it's not ALL core strength, nor ALL restorative.  Balance out your week, balance out YOU - what do you need more of?  It's usually what we don't like/not good at (sorry about that!)

  • Complete your Asana practice with rest in Savasana, don't skip it, it's the pose that seals your practice and it works on mind.  Yoga is not all just the physical body, the mind needs to be of focus too (so the physical body can heal from what the mind has caused).  In Savasana there is no distraction of the body so all that is left to notice is your mind, be curious, learn to master your mind in Savasana.

  • Don't force the pose - let the breath guide you into it, let the breath create your shapes, rather than your mind or trying to mirror what you see on the video.  If you are holding your breath you are 'straining' and this is not Yoga (or connecting).  My own personal rule is if I can't 'low wide breathe' then I need to withdraw little by little until I can.

  • You are the authority over your body not me, let me guide you into your body, but you make the decision as to how deep you go with the options offered.

  • Be ok with every day being different, some days you can feel strong and supple, others you feel like the tin man.  Some days we balance, some days we fall on our butts. Smile, and just be the best version of who you are today.   Don't worry I will soon post my video bloopers! It's so liberating being human, imperfectly human.

  • Watch and adjust your inner dialogue - speak kindly to you when you notice your weaknesses, every cell in your body is listening and believes you!

  • Play!  Enjoy your time on the mat, try new things, share it with those you love.

Read my blog '10 Reasons why you'll love practising Yoga at home'


Yoga Mat / Towel

Make this your new home, maybe it's an old fave Yoga mat, or perhaps it's time to get one that you really love and it sets the scene each time you land on it.  For Restorative/Yin/Gentle/Foam Roller practices you may not need a mat, can be on a rug or carpet, but you will need something grippy for Asana practice.


What are your needs? sweat resistant? eco friendly? what texture do you like? Need extra long?


If you are on floor boards you might need thicker (>8mm) or perhaps layer two mats if you are joint sensitive.  If you are on thick carpet you need thinner so it doesn't bubble (4mm-6mm).

Mats I love are SecondEarth, Jade Yoga, Manduka and Lululemon. They will give you instructions on how to maintain your mat. I don't recommend a cheap one, a good one will last you years.  The difference between grip and no grip are stabilising muscles and joint safety (and no frustrations in Downward Facing Dog or turning Warrior II into the splits!) so it is worth it.  If your mat is a bit slippery in DownDog you could place a hand towel across the top of mat, or try cleaning mat with hot water & vinegar spray.

You could practice on an older/cheap mat and invest in a Yoga towel (great for grip, sweat, easier to travel with and use on top other studio mats). Try Decathlon , eBay, Manduka, Rebel (Gaiam brand), The Om Shop.


A bathrobe belt will do the trick for the mean time.  However getting yourself a D-ring cotton Yoga Strap/Belt is worth the investment for around $8-15 for when you are practicing Yin & Restorative.  Usually come around 2.4m long but if you are long legged perhaps go for 3.2m about 4cm wide.

Avoid the nylon (can slip from position, cotton has better grip and placement) and the clips can be tacky - the double D-ring is old school belt style but reliable to hold place.

Try eBay and Stretch Now.


Therabands come in many different resistance levels.  You may like to have a variety as what you need for upper body might be lighter (to go gently and avoid injury, or if building up from injury), and for legs and abs want firmer for more support.  

If you are with injury please check in with me or your physio/exercise physiologist what would be best to work with.


Kmart sell pack of 3 for $8, as I am sure Big W, Target and Rebel also do.

Foam Roller

For the Foam Roller & Release series under style 'Yoga Therapy & Rehabilitation' if you have a 45cm roller this is fine for Series I + II.  However for the rest of my Foam Roller series you may prefer to have the 90cm length. Unfortunately a pool noodle just won't do the trick.  They vary in price $19-45 and texture, smooth is gentler, the bubbly ones good, but the tractor tyre ones are not good for this practice.

Mine are from Clark Rubber, however Gaiam (Rebel) and many online physio stores sell them.


I recommend having minimum 2 blocks - the same size and shape.  I choose size 22cmx14.5cm (with bevelled edges so not too sharp to squeeze or lay under spine or outer thighs).  I love cork blocks for stability under hand (and sometimes foot) for balance - so at least have one 'not so soft' block.  But I do like a foam block for squeezes.  So perhaps you have 2 foam, 1 cork for balances (or above you will see I have 2 cork for when under hand, and one foam for squeezes). Just  make sure you have two of the same size and texture, at least one foam (not cork or wood) for squeezing.

You can buy blocks from Kmart & Big W for around $4, cork ones are sometimes there too for $8.  Rebel have them for $12-22. Also try eBay, The Om Shop, Stretch Now.

If you don't have a block to start with try a double folded handtowel/s to squeeze between knees.


You will easily get away with one or two blankets rolled up, if can make it around 70-90cm in length + 20cm round, for all Yin & Restorative practices.  You could used double folded blankets to sit on for meditations, folded blanket under head for Savasana relaxation bringing more length to back of neck and chin/forehead parallel.

Should the time come you want the real thing, there are quite a few options and a number of prices and they are a bit of a personal liking so if you know a studio that has the ones you like ask where they are from.

Mine are from Stretch Now, you can unzip and remove some stuffing if too firm to begin with, add it later when softens.  There are more luxury items with great colours at The Om Shop, or try your luck on eBay.


Any blanket you have at home will do the trick to be folded for under head in Savasana relaxation - especially if you are on floorboards.  Double folded blanket/s for under seat when sitting in meditation. Have a few to roll up and make-do a bolster. Cover yourself in relaxation on cooler evenings.  Have a folded blanket under knees or spine if on floorboards.  Try folded beach towels also.  It does need to fold firm and flat so cotton and heavy wools are best.


There is a great selection on Stretch Now and Empind, also eBay sell the regular camp/yoga blanket and disposable stores (if they are still around). 

Microbands (Booty band)

Microbands come in many many different  resistance levels.  I recommend getting a pack with a variety so you can choose what you need for the body part.  But for now you could tie your Theraband in a knot. Or get just one level 1 micro band to start with. 

Kmart sell pack of 4 for $8, Big W, Target, Rebel & eBay also do.

Props are just to show up on the mat and breathe.

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