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Are you searching for your Yoga?

Finding a local Yoga studio with a timetable that suits your busy schedule is not easy.  Then top it off with your fave teacher to guide your way into your body, breathe your way beyond mind, exploring and supporting your unique needs on the day......  

It's the ultimate Yoga-coma right?

Ever been to a class and felt it wasn't the right fit for you on the day? Or there was so much you were not able to do?

Maybe your physical needs require a little more guidance than what's delivered in a general Yoga class?

Or perhaps you're determined to nail 'that' pose and trying to work out what's the missing piece in your body?

Wondering how to go deeper into your body, more 'core' into your Yoga?

Looking to take your practice from the physical to the subtle energetics?

With Inspya Me Online Yoga studio you can fit more Yoga into your life - whether you are time poor, travelling or a shift worker.  This is not just regular Yoga, there is a wide variety of class styles (see listed below), plus specialised series.  You learn more about Yoga, Meditation, your own unique body, rehabilitate and maintain any conditions you may have.  Allowing you to then take this knowledge into any general class making it your Yoga, modifying to suit your needs.      


With Inspya Me Online I am with you all the way on this journey.  Available to answer your questions, respond to your online requests, as well as private sessions in-person or online to help you reach your personal Yoga goals.  Plus you can join me for 2-3 regular live streaming practice each week and live group sessions (workshops) once per month - see 'Events'.

You get to choose from a variety of Yoga & Meditation class styles or specialised series designed to suit specific needs, or a daily pose challenge.  Whatever your focus is Body, Mind, Spirit ...... it's your choice of practice on the day.

See below what you will find online

Inspya Me is an online Yoga community providing a variety of over 100+ Yoga & Meditation sessions designed to 'inspya' your practice regardless of age, experience, ability or any condition you are working with.  

There is a Yoga for your body type and needs.  

You can explore Hatha, YogalatesTM, Restorative, Yin and Vinyasa styles with an emphasis on core, functional movement, subtle alignment whilst understanding the breath and its influences on the body, energetics and mind.   

Plus additional series specialising in maintenance, safety tips, rehabilitation, options and alternatives for knees, lower back, SIJ dysfunction, scoliosis, wrists, shoulders, neck, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia (and anything else you wish to request a personalised practice for).

Discover your way of practising Yoga so you can join ANY studio class and know how to manage your own body's unique needs. 

My Core Strength series gives an in-depth understanding on core activation + functional breathing. It is designed to bring stability of body and mind into your Yoga, the perfect foundation for beginners and seasoned Yogis to challenge your Asana (and your confidence) next level.  

My Asana Addict series are individual pose challenges with all the preparation and set up cues to find the pose in your body - make your pose requests so I can put it up online for you!


You choose the style to align with your needs, and if it's not there yet let's talk live and I'll develop it with you, for you.  

See listed below what you will find when you unveil your monthly membership. 

If you have any special requests of something you would love to see added PLEASE email me.   


Join me online today and land on your mat, your Yoga, your way, your home!

INSPYA ME is a Monthly OR Yearly Membership with unlimited access to 100+ videos, various 15-90min Yoga and Meditation practices PLUS regular 2-3 weekly live stream classes.

What you will find when you unveil your Membership;

Sun Salutations

Traditional Hatha Yoga

Over 60's Yogalates 

Morning Flow

Core Flow


Yin Yang Yoga

Restorative Yoga

Guided Meditations

Breathwork & Mudra practices

Yin Yoga

Core Series - for Beginners + Strength

Theraband & Microband sequences for upper & lower body

Foam roller & release series

Feel the Burn series

Knowing my Knees series 

Loving my Lower Back series

Sacred SIJ (Sacro-Iliac Joint) series

Support my Shoulder Neck & Wrist series

Asana Addict library - a growing library of individual poses broken down with pose preparation, cues, modifications, alternative options and prop usage. Make your requests and take on a pose challenge!

Join me for live stream practices each month see 'Events'.  New classes (and your special requests) are added every month so you will never get bored!