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Correct breathing is associated with reducing anxiety, depression, insomnia, high blood pressure, asthma and digestive issues.  It is also known to improve core stability, spinal and pelvis support.  Beneficial for those wanting to start a meditation practice, enhance your current practice, improve will power, mindset and concentration.  The benefits of a meditation practice along with efficient day to day breathing is limitless.  Nic works with a variety of Yogic practices such as Pranayama (breathing techniques), mantra and mudra.

$70 for 45mins if paying by Cash

$75 if paying by Credit Card


Please phone Nic 0434 417 261 to make your first consultation.   Translated as "the science of life", Ayurveda is a five thousand year old healing system originating in India that focuses on establishing and maintaining balance of mind, body, spirit in a healthy and holistic way. Rather than focusing on individual symptoms or problems, Ayurveda recognizes the unique dosha (body constitution) of each person and recommends appropriate lifestyle, fitness and nutritional regimens based on this uniqueness.  All aspects of a client’s physical, emotional and spiritual health are considered in order to provide a comprehensive plan for balanced living. Coaching sessions will provide the client with an understanding of his/her individual Dosha (body constitution) type, information regarding the body's responses to stress, food, weather, and conditions that may cause imbalance, and tools on how to change/modify diet and lifestyle to maintain a healthy weight, prevent illness, reduce stress and increase energy.  You will be required to fill in a Dosha Questionnaire prior to your first appointment.   Read more about Ayurveda here.

$110 for 1hr if paying by Cash

$115 if paying by Credit Card


Follow up appointment 30mins to revise initial consult and program to follow.    

$60 for 30mins by Cash

$65 if paying by Credit Card

Inspya Yoga Therapies with Nic Whiteman

Tel: 0434 417 261

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