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A guide to help you map your way through Inspya Me Online library with your personal needs in mind.
You can either use the 'Search' bar to find a specific class, or 'Class Type' drop down menu to find your style that fits with your mood or needs today.

I have been practicing with you for a while what should I start with?

Yay welcome online!  The Core Awareness + Setup 1 & 2 & 3 will be a good refresher and set you in good stead with your breathwork at home and taking 'core' into your practice.  If you find any of the Core Series a bit challenging add Core Setup 1 to the start of your practice as we do tend to lose our breath connection and cause further tension when the going gets tuff - core breathing is key to make you stronger (mind & body).  If you are with injury use the drop down 'Style' and watch the 'Awareness' video for more personal information on conditions which you can then modify your way in general sessions.  Add these specialised series to your regular weekly practice to give that part attention to heal and support it in your general practices.  Your awareness of how to activate and maintain will enhance your practice all round.


I recommend using the 'Style' tab.  You will find my signature Foam Roller classes under 'Yoga Therapy' tab - you know you love it!  You can also choose 'Length' for what you have time for - some practices are short so you can patchwork your day or week, some are already complete whole practices eg Signature Yogalates, Hatha, Yoga Align.  Remember to balance out strong (Core/Sun Salutations/Flows) with releases (Yin/Restorative/Gentle/Yoga Therapy) and include Savasana & Meditation for a complete practice.  We are always attracted to more of what we are, so if you wanting to transform then sometimes its a style of class you are resisting you need more of. There is also the Asana Addict library (currently building on) - the foundational poses are there but I really want to hear from you what you want to challenge yourself with - Anything missing that you love to challenge yourself with please request it!

I have an injury what should I avoid?

You will find under the tab 'Style' there are specialised series Knowing My Knees, Loving My Lower Back, Supporting Shoulders Neck Wrists, Sacred SIJ....however your particular condition may need a more personalised approach so please email me any concerns or special requests.  Start with Core Awareness, Core Setup 1, 2 + 3 and Core Series I + II so it's gentle and plenty of cues and modifications. Watch the Awareness video under your condition, if your condition is acute its best to stay within these practices in specialised series at least 4-6 times before moving onto the other general practices so you can take the learnings + awareness with you - practicing mindfully and knowing how to modify for you. However if your particular condition is not supported in these series please email me.  


Asana Addict library goes through all the modifications for each pose so you can adjust for yourself in any general class. 


NB Lower Back issues please be mindful before moving too far along the Core Series that you are pain free and know your options to reduce the intensity in the stronger practices from the Awareness video such as no long extended arms or legs out long (keep levers bent for less load).   For Sacra-Iliac (SIJ) take a foam block between your thigh wherever possible in your practice for more stability.

I have no Yoga props at home are there any practices I can do?

For sure!  There are quite a few practices listed below where you need no props.  Also take a look at using things you have at home instead - click here.

  • Core Series I, II, VI, Twist & Release

  • Yogalates - Signature Yogalates II, Yogalates Flow I + II, Yogalates Core I + II

  • Morning Meditative 9 & Bali Sun Salutations, Mini Core Flow, Morning Flow II + III,  Mind Over Matter Hatha, Express Hippy Flow, Heart Flow & Meditation, Core Play - Sacral Flow, Hatha Yoga with So Hum Meditation

  • Yogi Prehab, Morning Limber

  • Chair Yoga I, II, III, Restore Spinal Reset, Yin Whole Body Release, Restorative Yogalates, Yin for Thoracic, Meditation + Gentle Hip Opening Flow, Restorative Yoga Evening Release

  • Shoulder Neck Wrists II Releases, and III

  • Loving My Lower Back I and II

  • Glutei and Groin Releases

I would love to start a regular meditation practice what do you suggest?

Start with guided meditations for relaxation such as Sweet Savasana for a more restorative and practical version, or Dhyana Meditation for more spiritual focus.  These are laying down and mostly suitable for the evenings especially if wanting to improve your sleep.  I would recommend watching Asana Addict Savasana so you have your position options sorted.  MindBodyFully Present is great to relax the body in preparation for sleep or a deep Savasana - especially helpful if with anxiety or body tension. End of the Day Meditation, Go With The Flow, Chakra Healing & Who Am I are also guided laying down meditations.  


However to receive all the benefits of a calm, grounded mind developing a seated meditation is ideal so we are less likely to drift off and stay focussed.  Laying down (Savasana) is fine for meditations if this is your introduction to focussing on breath flow, usually easier to establish new/different breathing patterns than if seated.


View Asana Addict Sukhasana & Virasana so you can develop most suitable options for your sitting position so less distracting and uncomfortable.  Start with Meditation on the Breath, So Hum Meditation I - Beginners, then So Hum II, Viloma Lung Expansion, Purna Breathwork, Nadi Shodhana Silken Threads, then move onto Apana Meditation and Prana Meditation to lengthen out time spent in a seated meditation.  Please email me if you have further questions.

I have been practicing Yoga for sometime and I am wanting to challenge myself?

Great!  I can't wait to work with you I love to challenge - and be challenged!  Inspya Me online library has been setup to start with a foundation of the basics, now with over 100 videos I am building up with more challenging practices.  If you are looking for traditional Yoga style keep an eye out on the growing Hatha Yoga practices plus there's Morning Meditative 9, Bali Sun Salutation and a number of Flows including Yogalates CORE and Yogalates Flow.  To improve your flows check at Chasing Chaturanga Dandasana I & II series (under Shoulders Neck & Wrists) and Core Tiger Flows I, II, III.  


Asana Addict library is now starting to grow - the idea is if you email me your pose (Asana) requests I can add them in for you asap. This series is individual pose practice with all the preparation you need for your body to achieve that particular pose, plus alternatives and prop options that may be required to make the pose more personalised to your needs.  Also a great way to learn more about the poses so you can develop and sequence your own personal practice. 


I would also recommend you watch the Core Awareness + Setup 1, 2, 3 if you have not practiced with me before, so you can really get the most out of the Core Series.  I have found regularly coming back to the basics has provided me a deeper awareness of my habits, and the subtleness of true core and breath work that will most definitely help you develop more strength.  


If you are looking for more of a workout practice try Core Series III onwards, and 'Feel the Burn' is targeting specific areas to strengthen.


Please let me know what you want more of or work with me one-to-one online or in person.  I would love to meet you! 

I'm a beginner where do I start?

Great!  Welcome to Inspya Me Online.  Head to 'Included Content' - there is a tab called 'Level' you can select Beginner level practices from here.   I recommend you watch Core Awareness + Setup 1 & 2 & 3 to set you in good stead with your breathwork and taking 'core' into your practice.  Depending on your fitness level repeat Core Series I + II until you feel it is with ease before moving onto the more advanced in the Core Series.  If you find any of the Core Series a bit challenging add Core Setup 1 to the start of your practice since we tend to lose our breath connection and cause further tension when the going gets tuff - core breathing is key to make you stronger (mind & body). 

Under the 'Style' tab all of the Yin/Restorative/Gentle, Yoga Therapy/Rehabilitation, Yin Yang Yoga and Yogalates practices have plenty of options and cues for anyone new to Yoga.  Unless you are with injury - then see below recommendations "I have an injury what should I avoid?".  Even if you are not with injury consider all the specialised series as great awareness of those body parts and focussed on strengthening - all of these are perfect for beginners also.


The Asana Addict library is perfect for focussing on one pose and learning all the options and props you can apply to make it the best version for you.   Especially if sitting is uncomfortable for you do Sukhasana + Virasana so you know your best seated position to take into all the other practices. 

For Meditations try Meditation on the Breath, So Hum I Meditation, Go with the Flow, MindBodyFully Present, Purna Breathwork, Nadi Shodhana Silken Threads, Sweet Savasana, End of Day Meditation, Chakra Healing and Nirvana Yoga Nidra.  Love to hear how you go!  

Happy to recommend a more personalised practice if you email me your needs.

I experience Depression/low energy + motivation/Low Blood Pressure/lethargy ....any suggestions?

We need to create movement, flow and routine in the mornings with a gentle practice to begin with like the Morning Limber, Yogi Prehab, Mini Core + Mini Morning Flow, Easy Does It, Good Foundations.  The Yogalates Theraband + Core Series I, II are also gentle enough to start with.  Progressing with the Core Series over time, plus adding Sun Salutations, Flows and Hatha will improve posture, energy levels, digestion and confidence.  Try using seated meditations instead of laying in Savasana.   You may be more attracted to the Restorative/Yin/Gentle Yoga practices but try to add more movement and uplifting practices even though it feels against your grain, for now.  It won't take long. The Prana Meditation is designed just for you to improve energy levels and receiving on the inhale.  Regularly repeating the Purna Breathwork practice in the mornings will re-program your breathing and soon feel more energised and lighter - especially using the 3rd Mudra with fists.  If you have an injury or condition please stick to the series to target that area so that you won't have any excuses to avoid the movement practices that may not be suitable just yet.  Please email me how you go with your practice and if you would like any more personal recommendations.  You might also like to visit my information page on Ayurveda and scroll down to view lifestyle + diet suggestions for balancing Kapha Dosha.

I experience Anxiety/Stress/Nervous Tension/Insomnia/High Blood Pressure ....any suggestions?

Use the 'Style' tab to find the Restorative/Yin/Gentle Yoga practices - also the Core Setup 1 breathing and MindBodyFully Present Meditation and Go With The Flow will really help settle the nervous system and release stress held in the body. Always complete any Yoga practice with Savasana at the end - add meditations such as Sweet Savasana, End of Day Meditation or Chakra Healing to your Savasana time.  Being still and slow will not be easy at first, you may be tempted to do more challenging Core Series and Sun Salutations and Flows instead - add them in but keep your practice mostly restful and as still as possible with slow smooth breathing as your focus.  The benefits to body and mind will come over time.  Child's pose is a great option to drop into during any Yoga practice, even for relaxation if Savasana feels too exposing.  Try a heavy blanket over the belly + chest or whole body in Savasana.  Even the position face down over a bolster/pillow like in Core Setup 1 instead of laying in Savasana may feel more comforting and meditative.  The Meditation on the Breath & Apana Meditation are designed especially for these conditions - best way to to start your day.  In the Purna Breathwork avoid the 3rd Mudra with fists if it makes you feel 'heightened' - this practice is a great way to re-program your day-to-day breathing and reduce stress levels, anxiety and HBP.   Please email me how you go with your practice and if you would like any more personal recommendations.  You might also like to visit my information page on Ayurveda and scroll down to view lifestyle + diet suggestions for balancing Vata Dosha.

I'm Post-Natal what do you recommend?

Congratulations!  Yoga at home is a great way to keep up your practice now your regular routines have changed (or at the moment no routine is possible!). Depending on how many weeks post-natal, please check with your Dr when ok to return to exercise.  The Core Awareness & Setup 1, 2, 3 are fine within 2 weeks of natural birth.  Use the 'Style' tab 

Restorative/Yin/Gentle Yoga practices plus Yoga Therapy for Morning Limbers + Yogi Prehab, Foam Roller. Core Series I + II  are also fine to start with, also check out the Sacred SIJ Series as this is where you need to rebuild stability and balance after pregnancy.  From 6-8 weeks onwards the Yogalates Theraband, Yin Yang Flow, Mini Core + Morning Flow,  Easy Does It and Good Foundations in Sun Salutations are gentle enough to practice with. Core Series II onwards once you feel you are strong enough, but only after several weeks of practice I + II, unless you had a strong exercise routine pre and during your pregnancy, if that is the case then you know what your body is ready for.  Please email me if you have any concerns.  Don't forget to include meditation in your practice, try Purna Breathwork and Prana Meditations to build your energy levels.  MindBodyFullly Present before bed if you are not getting good rest and body feels achey.  Chakra Healing Meditation is a really beautiful energy healing focus to help bring you back into balance and feel at peace and your vitality in this wonderful new role you have.

I am looking for Over 60's recommendations?

There are quite a few options in the 'Included Content' library for a more Gentle or Over 60's focus.  Use the drop down menu 'Style' and select 'Yin / Restorative / Gentle / Over 60's' and anything there is suitable.  There are three Chair Yoga videos that are perfect if you are new to Yoga and have no props, and need support getting up and down off floor.

There other styles such as Yin Yang, Yoga Therapy / Rehabilitation and all the specialised series such as Knowing My Knees, Supporting Shoulders Neck & Wrists, Loving My Lower Back, Sacred SIJ series that may well be suitable for you also.

Please watch Core Awareness, Core Setup 1, 2 and 3 for getting to know your core safety, and to follow Core Series I & II.  I have many regular students aged 60-80yrs who practice in the Yogalates series if you are of reasonable fitness and agility there are plenty of instructions and options offered to modify and keep you safe from injury.

The Asana Addict library is a good way to get to know how you can do that pose or find your alternative to suit your needs.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me by email.

You can either use the 'Search' bar to find a specific class, or 'Class Type' drop down menu to find your style that fits with your mood or needs today.

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