10 reasons why you'll love practising Yoga at home!

Have you considered a home practice could be just what you need?

Aside from the obvious reasons during these strange times of the unknown, a home Yoga practice can have many other benefits for you personally.  Yoga Journal's recent study found that 44% of Yogis preferred to practice at home.  My personal favourite is that I can practice in my pyjamas with my favourite pal Gypsy (dog) by my side.  Perhaps some of these resonate with you;

  1. No issues with parking, you'll never be late nor get a parking fine!

  2. It's time efficient - your practice time is from start to finish, no travel necessary, all yours!

  3. It's cost effective - you can include more Yoga in your week and put more towards other necessities and luxuries!

  4. Your class starts the exact time you want it to, you are at your own liberty to choose your class schedule 6am or 9pm.

  5. You practice for as long as you need to on the day - perhaps you choose a shorter or longer session OR patchwork a few sessions with breath work, meditation and a Savasana for a complete practice.

  6. You create and control your own space, you decorate it as you please, maybe it's indoors or outdoors, it's all YOUR energy. 

  7. You choose the style you need on the day - Yin or Yang? or choose to rehabilitate or manage an injury, instead of being at the whim of a studio timetable or the teacher's style on the day.  This improves our ability to listen to our needs and self-nurture, maintaining our body without other influences masking our needs.

  8. You have time to 'play' and 'adjust' to your own needs - push pause, stay for longer in a pose you are challenged with or need the most, stay longer or repeat on the one side to balance your body.

  9. Your self-awareness is heightened - without the distraction of other students, influences of ego and expectations on yourself in a group, we release our inhibitions, poor body image issues and can more easily 'hear' and then adjust our thinking patterns.

  10. It builds discipline and in turn a sense of achievement as you focus on your most important asset - YOUR WELLBEING ....improves will power, confidence and supports our mental health.

It doesn't have to be a practice with me, any time spent on your mat or meditating IS YOUR practice.  My dream is that every body develops confidence in their home Yoga practice - my online studio is simply a guide until your practice is on your own.  View my 'tips for practising at home' here.  

For those of you missing the community and teaching at your Yoga studio I promise we will have some outdoor classes in September to look forward to, plus workshops coming soon too.

Yogis I would love, and I am sure it'd inspire your Tribe also, to see your home Yoga space - jump onto our private FB group and post your pics!  Check out below what your fellow Inspya Me Tribe Yogis say is their #1 reason they love practising at home.

Below are my suggestions for your weekend explorations on your Online Membership (Day passes available $9.95 if you are not a monthly member).

Enjoy your weekend Yogis.  

Namaste, Nic

#1 best thing about my home practice is;

Being able to choose the style that I feel like practicing at whatever time of day 💗  Cara McFarlane Having a roadmap!! If I want to strengthen and concentrate on one area. eg; Core Series👍  Karina Anne Hulk (my sausage dog) joining in. He loves your bolster and savasana under the blanket 💓💓💓 he’s my fav yoga buddy.  Tam Kerr

  • Finding Your Downward Facing Dog live stream this Friday morning 9am workshop - all your options, alternatives and finding the strength to enjoy this 'resting' pose ;-)

  • Kitchen Yoga you don't even need a mat or the floor space - just a bench top!

  • Class Style 'Yin/Restorative/Gentle' any of the classes here support your home practice if you are in need of rest, self-nurture, reduce stress and life's pressures

  • Class Style 'Sun Salutation/Hatha/Flow' AND 'Yogalates' try any of the classes here if you are feeling less enthusiastic, lacking motivation, need movement and an energy boost

  • Sweet Savasana OR Short'n Sweet Savasana Yoga Nidra to relax body and mind

  • Feel the Burn Series if you are missing your usual fitness, gym sessions or winter has got the better of you with too much stillness - checkout NEW session 'Booty Burner'

  • Meditation on the Breath a simple meditation to either complete your Yoga practice with or when it's all you have time for, to calm the mind.

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