3 Quick Tips on boosting your MOOD this weekend ........

In Yoga we have a Sanskrit term 'Bhav' which translates into your spiritual feels, your attitude or mood.  It is believed as we land on our mat our mood is 'magnified' as we practice so it's important to check your 'Bhav' first!  This time of year according to Ayurvedic wisdom is Kapha season~ the elements of cool, damp, heavy can lead to us feeling innert, unmotivated, stuck, emotional and sleeping excessively.  So maybe we need a little mood booster to get us through to the lighter months.  

Here are my 3 tips on boosting your mood;

  • Set an intention ~ whether it's your time on your mat, exercising, making a meal, meeting with friends, sipping a cup of tea.  Know your intention before you act.  Make choices based on is it going to improve my mood?  What kind of Bhav am I bringing to this occasion?

  • An act of Kindness ~ every act of loving kindness boosts not only our own oxytocin levels but the receivers too!   Simon Sinek's Power of Kindness talk will get you on board!  For good feels - check out @sutherlandshireopen4business as Sophie B gifts 100's of our local businesses with her photography to boost their exposure.  Gift a local small business this weekend with your support.

  • Move your body and breathe deeply ~ our emotions are just thoughts travelling through the body, as we move, as we use breath work, we shift the heaviness, the ones that get 'stuck'.  Check out my suggestions for online practices below .... or perhaps bushwalking or a jog...OR join me as I have discovered my way of 'dancing like no one is watching' (except for my amused husband) with online dance & movement program BodyGroove and FREE YOUR BODY and get your good Bhav juices going!

Enjoy your weekend in wellness and good Bhav feels Yogis! 

Namaste, Nic Whiteman

Good feels online practice suggestions for this weekend;

  • livestream Saturday 15th 8am - Apana (Grounding) Hatha Yoga + Meditation ~ a complete practice using breathwork and the body to shift out of heavy or busy mind into feeling calm and grounded.

  • Bringing Bhav into your Practice - a Hatha practice with intention, dedication and loving kindness

  • NEW Manifesting Meditation connecting with what you desire

  • I Am Divine Love Meditation

  • Go with the Flow Meditation

  • Heart of Gratitude Meditation

Visit www.inspyameonline.com for daily $9.95/Monthly $29/Yearly $290 Memberships - go to Included Content library to search the above, or Events for livestreams.

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