3 Steps in Meditation made easy

Ever tried meditating and felt like you've failed and then decided it's just not for you?  Perhaps you're uncomfortable or can't focus, maybe you've meditated before but it is challenging when life is stressful.  Think it's 'too boring'? ~ well I am here to tell you the benefits and changes to your life with a regular meditation practice is far from boring. It is ultimately life expanding!  For those of you feeling physically or mentally challenged in the stillness this is completely normal and there is a solution. I so often hear students say "I just can't sit still and focus" or "my mind is way too busy it won't slow down".  If you have seen footage of someone sitting completely still and upright cross legged and wondering why this won't work for you - please DON'T.  This is the equivalent to watching an olympic weight lifter pick up 200kg and wondering why you can't go out into your garage that minute and do the same thing.  It takes training and we start with small weights.  In fact we start with 3 steps. If you have ever attempted meditation or attended a meditation class and tried the simple practice of closing your eyes and focusing on your breath - it didn't work did it?!  You were sabotaged with the instructions for an elite meditator lacking the 3 important ingredients required to experience meditation as a beginner and progress to 'simple'.  

  1. Prepare your body - an uncomfortable body will be the perfect distraction for the mind to not meditate.  The purpose of Yoga asana (poses) is to set the body up for sitting in meditation.  Asana and breath work release tension and move stuck energy flow so it doesn't agitate the mind.

  2. Learn your best meditation position - explore all the options using varying props (eg wall, blankets, cushions, blocks, chair) so that your torso is aligned and diaphragm flows.  Poor rhythm or stuck diaphragmatic flow agitates the mind.

  3. Give your mind a task to develop the focus (ie small weights!).

Basically do every thing to reduce the amount of pulls your mind will use to distract from the practice.  The goal of meditation isn't to control or stop thoughts, it is so we stop them controlling us.  Your experience of meditation could be THE life changing tool you've been searching for.

Want to explore these 3 steps more with me?  Use coupon code 3Secrets25% to purchase for $15 my 3 Steps into Meditation Course online - a 50min lesson and 2 x 5min practices.  Own it for 2 months repeat as you like.  It will help you find your personal meditation position and your focus.

There is no better time than during this global struggle to explore and establish such a transformational practice.  Take best care of your body and mind Yogis.

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