3 Tips to creating a strong mindset

For me it has certainly taken some time and patience in the practice of the following to feel I have created a strong mindset.....as opposed to a stubborn one (which I kinda nailed straight up) But I suppose if you asked my husband its a lifelong project for me! Perhaps a strong mindset is when I am practicing patience and consideration of others looking for the win-win outcome, having persistence and endurance yet being open to a new understanding and perhaps new direction or opportunity completely different to what I had in mind. Opposed to feeling 'stuck' or 'rigid' in my thinking. The practice of Yoga is just that, we are always working with balancing stirrha (strength) and sukkha (comfort) in our asana and meditation. In Yoga we allow our body to guide the way rather than forcing the body to do what we expect on the day, giving us feedback as to whether we can push on a little further or it's time to pause - this is not an easy task given the mind is so accustomed to being the driving force. The body will push back whether it be with injury or our energy levels to let us know when we've let the mind be the driving force for too long. The learning of breath control is the key to finding this balance, and for tuning in to the body's messages. For me it's the key to everything, definitely the key to a strong mindset along with the following;

1. Notice how you are breathing, slow it down, smooth it out, in and out of the nose. If it won't settle try blowing out through pursed lips three times like you are blowing bubbles into a milk shake through a straw, then the diaphragm will drop the breath low and wide into the body. Try not to let the breath get shallow, or fast, or hold it - this agitates mind, nervous system and adrenals.

2. Take one more breath before answer or action. The only difference between an irrational response and a rational one is just one more breath.

3. Trust your own voice, that you are the authority over knowing what is right for you, not anyone else. Then trust the Universe has everything rigged in your favour. Even when things are not going your way and you cannot change it, trust the Universe has a better plan for you than perhaps you did. Find the learning in every experience. Find the gift in every situation. Look for it, it's always there.

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Suggested reading; The Universe has Your Back, Gabrielle Bernstein

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