5 Micro Meditations for when you're on the go ...

Focus on your breath ~ for just a moment place your full attention on how it feels moving in and out of your nostrils, how your body expands and contracts, how it easily flows in and out. Tune into it’s HUM, your vibration.

Shower Meditation ~ every time you shower visualise washing away your stress and anxiety. Place a sign up in your shower to remind you. Close your eyes and concentrate on the water and how it feels upon your skin, envision the water cleansing you of negative thoughts, fear and regret sliding off you with the soapy water and swirling away down the drain.

Unclench (especially your jaw and your butt) ~ take a moment to identify where are you holding onto tension in your body. Walk through the whole body and send a little kindness to each part, release the tension one butt cheek at a time!

Let space inspire you ~ take a moment to shift your focus from the tangible ‘things’ around you and notice the space between them. All ‘things’ consist of one or more of the elements fire, water, air, earth, but it’s ether that holds the space between these elements. Be with the ‘ether’ the magic of life.

Realign your internal axis ~ Mentally rearrange your body awareness so that either seated or standing you are horizontal, and the breath flows from your feet to your crown and back down again. You can enjoy the feeling of being vertical, connected and present right here right now.

Online practices included in your Monthly Membership which can enhance your micro meditations on the go are;

  • Meditation on the Breath (Beginner & Experienced versions)

  • Apana (Grounding) Kriya Meditation

  • So Hum Daily Meditation

  • Yoga Align - Pranic Flow

Have an amazing week in Micro Meditation Yogis!


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