8 reasons why your breath is EVERYTHING!

Ok that might sound like an exaggeration, whilst it may seem like something we don't have to think about because it's autonomic we can manipulate it, become more mindful of and retrain our breath.  If there has been any deficiency in your breathing and we improve it TRUST ME THIS WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING!   Some things to ponder on your breath.....

  1. In shallow, reverse or poor breathing the diaphragm moves very little, or has jagged movement, which agitates the nervous system.  Ongoing can lead to living in a sympathetic 'fight / flight / freeze' response all day every day ~ can become adrenal fatigue, insomnia, increased heart rate, thyroid conditions, poor digestive function.... well poor anything that the nerves control really (wait is that 'everything'?).

  2. Our mental clutter, fears, stress and busyness directly impacts the way the diaphragm is moving and the reverse is also true that as we slow and steady the breath and diaphragmatic movement we calm the mind, feel more present and release stress.

  3. When our dysfunctional diaphragm sets off fight-flight-freeze response it leads to an 'amygdala hijack'.  This is the part of the brain where we deal with response to threat ... NOT where we make smart decisions or have healthy emotional responses ~ so by correcting our breathing we reduce losing control of emotions and overreactions (even poor life choices).   We become smarter!  We increase our Emotional Intelligence, access our IQ and make better decisions.

  4. The natural rhythm of the diaphragm and core abdominal muscles in functional breathing cause a soothing massage of our internal organs ~ thereby improving healthy functioning digestive and reproduction organs.

  5. Functional breathing provides support and alignment of the pelvis, spine and head - it is your CORE  When we breath poorly our posture closes in.  Functional breathing initiates the fascial connection to the postural muscles and tones the core abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.

  6. On experiencing emotional shock or trauma, think of a frightful gasp "HUUUUUH!!!", or physical jolt in an accident, either can cause the diaphragm to lock indefinitely until functional breathing is retaught.  Possibly leading to any of the above conditions mentioned.

  7. The way our diaphragm is moving provides us with our personality  ~ short, sharp shallow breathing ...; intentional forceful breathing ...; slow, deep, steady breathing ....  Changing the way you breathe and where you breathe into helps manage anxiety and depression.  You can adjust your personality in any given moment.

  8. When we breathe we are connected to all of life, every human, all animals, nature, the planet, the universe, all that is. Our breath IS everything!

If you would like to read more see my Blog here.  As you make your way through your week notice your reactions, how you feel, notice the way you're breathing.  Notice what happens when you change it.  There is so much power in knowing your breath.

Try these practices below in your Inspya Me Online membership;

  • Core Awareness (watch animated anatomical breathing in motion you will never see your breathing or your core the same again!)

  • Core Setup 1 - Core Breathing

  • Core Series I Breathing Core into Plank

  • Viloma - Lung Expansion Breathwork

  • Purna Breathwork (discover the magic of Mudra and how to direct your breath into different areas of lung)

  • Mind Over Matter - Hatha Yoga

  • take your Core Breathing/Purna Breathwork into any Yin practice and reprogram your nervous system in functional breathing.

Enjoy!  Have a great week Yogis

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