Are your knees a problem?

Maybe you notice in Pidgeon pose it's a bit pinchy, perhaps there's just a niggle every now and then, maybe it's an ongoing injury, arthritis or inflammation or a recent surgery?  I am very familiar with knee conditions, now 3yrs post surgery - with several screws and a donor ligament (which I swear was from a very stiff person) I know what its like to be restricted, but most importantly I can help rehabilitate and maintain knee conditions of all sorts.  It didn't happen easily, it took a lot of patience and persistence with the rehab, but I couldn't be happier with the outcome.  I can now sleep my way through a Pidgeon pose and kneel for hours without any issues.  

Read here 'Metaphysical cause of knee and joint pain' by Deb Shapiro, where knees are often associated with resistance, needing to change direction, reclaim your firm footing, being stubborn or self-righteous and unwilling to let go.  I know my knee condition led to me changing direction and letting go in a massive way in my business and I am so grateful for the nudge (or sledgehammer kinda).

Regardless of your age or the condition 'Knowing My Knees Series' in the Monthly Membership consists of 3 practices to work through with all the modifications and rehab exercises (mostly with Theraband and micro band) to support a range of knee conditions ~and you only need to contact me should yours not be suited to these or quite acute and I will create a practice for you.  

There is also the 'Knowing My Knees Awareness' video offering all the alternatives and prop usage so you can manage a variety of poses in ANY general practice or studio class mindfully around your knees!

You'll see below a list of suggested online practices supporting knees, please feel free to pass this email onto someone you know who may benefit from some rehab knee maintenance.

Yours in health, well being and happy knees!

Namaste, Nic Whiteman

Online classes to work with your knees;

  • Knowing My Knees Awareness video - a must watch and feel empowered with wisdom of all the tricks, tips, props and alternatives

  • Asana Addict Sukhasana (Cross-legged) + Virasana (kneeling) to help you find your unique version of comfortable seated position

  • Asana Addict - Cat/Cow to All 4's - all your alternatives

  • Foam Roller - Lower Body to release fascia and tight muscles (especially quads and ITB) and to break down scar tissue

  • Mini Limber - get your knees ready before loading in your practice, release fluid from the joint

  • Core Series IV - Standing Strong strengthening legs (plus most of the Core Series is mat based and not on knees)

  • Yogalates Wall Class improve posture and use of feet, knee alignment and safety and safety of knees in standing poses

  • Feel the Burn - Glutes + Heated Hippy + Booty Burner - hip stability plays a huge role in knee alignment and protection

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