Chakras - what are they and how can I heal through them?

Chakras are energy vortexes or ‘wheels’ within the body, of which we have thousands but 7 primary ones (see pic below), when our life-energy or Prana is flowing through them freely we feel aligned, alive and in the flow of life. Our thought patterns and emotions from experiences and trauma impact the quality and flow of Prana within our Chakras which then impacts the physical body leading to conditions or injury, or simply a feeling of being ‘out of flow’ or disconnected. Through Yoga + Meditation we can bring awareness to our way of being, our choices and then expand and improve the quality of Prana in our Chakras, thereby improving our physical and mental wellbeing. I know this to be true, because I have experienced this on many occasions in the last 27 years of working with Chakras.

I was so blessed to be introduced to the book ‘Anatomy of the Spirit’ by Carolyn Myss in my early 20’s and have lived my life since then reflecting on my body’s niggles as a guide to any disrupted energy flow and mis-alignment in life. Any injury or condition I’ve carried has been a message to stop and adjust my choices, and it has transformed me PLUS I have healed my body in ways I never thought was possible (in fact it still seems a bit miracle-like). You can read my blog ‘Why I love working with and healing with Chakras’. I highly recommend a read Carolyn's book. I have also just finished watching her incredible series of 12 episodes on Gaia ‘Sacred Power’ - if you are on a healing journey, if you have come up against constant stop signs, ongoing illness and injury this is a must see! It will help you break any habitual sabotaging ways.

Feel like exploring your Chakras in Yoga + Meditation this weekend? My online Chakras in Practice Workshop is 2 x 1hr practices we focus on the lower 3 Chakras in the first session, and the second the upper 4 Chakras, exploring each body part, emotions and ways of being that may be blocking that particular Chakra ~ using breath flow, Mudra, Yoga asana to enhance the Pranic flow of that Chakra, but also becoming aware of Self and noticing habits we may need to adjust to heal. Purchase it the once $40 and own it, repeat it as you like for 6 months - click here to view.

This is what Jacqui had to say about the online workshop:

"Every time I do your Chakra workshop I come away healed... seriously

The first time my chronic neck ache vanished, the second, my ankle healed 3 weeks faster than expected, the third time I had an infected wisdom tooth, I had been to the dentist 3 times about it and the day after your class it disappeared. Just wanted to give you a little feedback. Thank you for another amazing experience. 🙏"

Listed below are online sessions included your Monthly Membership with Inspya Me Online - have a play with the Chakras this weekend.

  • Chakra Healing - Yoga Nidra, a meditation working through the 7 Chakras with breath, mudra and intention to heal

  • Heart of Gratitude Meditation - a healing and clearing of the Heart Chakra 'Anahata'

  • Third Eye Kriya Meditation - opening of Ajna chakra for inner guidance and clarity of Mind

  • Core Play - Sacral Chakra Flow - finding support and stability, freeing up the flow and playful 'go with mentality' of 'Swadisthana', also any Loving My Lower Back Series

  • Any of the Core Series will help boost confidence and will power of Solar Plexus - 'Manipura'

  • Shoulders, Neck & Wrists series to release restraint in Throat Chakra - Visshuddi

  • Knowing My Knees series + Core IV Standing Strong for feeling stable and strong in your base, your roots are grounded - 'Mooladhara'

Enjoy! Gift yourself this weekend with the time to heal and reflect.


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