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Read Nic's tips on how to create your own home practice, or have one designed for your personally

"Yoga doesn't take time, it gives time" Ganga White

It's the middle of winter, and its harder to get to the studio, we know.  It's still dark, or it's dark too early, and its cold out there.  You know yourself that the best thing you could be doing is moving, but we're in hibernation mode and it's not so easy to get going.  As much as we would love to see you, we know this is the perfect time to be creating your own home practice so you can keep it up.  Here are my tips for how to develop your own home Yoga practice;

  • Set your alarm, so you are committing to a time and day

  • Create your space, make it special, place some personal things around like crystals, a statue, picture (a mandala), plant, meditation cushion to set the vibe

  • Invest in a Yoga mat, it doesn't have to be fancy, its only you and no one else, but it's gotta be 'sticky' you will need the grip

  • Decide how long you plan to practice for, set your alarm, break down how long you wish to move in and out of Asana (poses) and how long you want in stillness, every day's needs are different so create the balance you need on the day.  Remember the old saying "We should all be meditating for 5 minutes a day, however if you are really busy then you should be meditating for an hour".

  • Start your practice with breath connection, it's the bridge between the mind and body

  • Can't remember what your Yoga teacher does with you in classes?  Don't worry start to feel your way, what does your body feel like doing?  Unfortunately the truth here is usually the poses we hate the most are the ones we need the most....I bet you remember your teacher giving you those ;-)  If it's a bit daunting use an online practice on YouTube or a DVD.  (Happy to give you tips on some good ones to use, depending on your needs)

  • Breathe your way into, during and then out of the pose.   Let the breath guide you deeper rather than force the body. Remember there are 4 parts to a pose - the idea of the pose, getting into it, being in it, and getting out of it.

  • Sit and enjoy how your body feels afterwards, breathe and enjoy stillness.  There is no rush to find peace, nor leave it!

  • Namaste - honour yourself, connect and enjoy your day....or your deep peaceful sleep afterwards. If you would like to have your own personalised practice designed for you, I would love to help you with this.  It's my passion. Especially if you are working with a condition or injury I would love to assist you in finding your maintenance program.  For the month of August I am offering a special - 1hr Yoga for Me, with your personalised home program included $85. ​For bookings phone me 0434 417 261. Tuesdays & Thursdays 12pm until late.

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