I've been broken - and I've loved it!

Because every one of my conditions and injuries has shown me how much power we have within ourselves to heal. I would have it all again exactly the same. Each and every physical condition (at present I suffer no discomfort with any of them) and life challenge I have had in my 45yrs so far have given me my Yoga. If it weren't for how uncomfortable my body was I would never have sought out Yoga at just 19yrs old. Yoga has taught me so much about myself, made me stronger than I knew possible both physically and mentally, I am far more aware of my emotional state and needs, but mostly my belief in the extraordinary ability we each have to heal is unwavering. Apparently nothing can stop me unless I let it. Healing is a mindset.

This pose is a reminder of the beauty and strength that comes from imperfection. To me there is nothing perfect about this pose, that would make it void of all that I have achieved and healed. Many of my students may not know these secrets below about me, perhaps they see me teach poses like this without knowing that all my strength and alignment comes from the patience and persistence of a lifetime of maintenance and healing. It's important to me that others know that like most everyone else Yoga has not come easy for me (even if they think I make it look that way). Most of all I want my students to believe in their own ability to heal and to fall in love with Yoga as a way of achieving a strong body mind and connection to spirit.

Life throws us many curveballs, I have dropped the ball many times .....but I would have it all again the same. Every injury, failure, every hurdle, has either been a sign I needed to grow stronger or time to change direction that there is a better way, and learning to trust my intuition. I couldn't be happier with the body and mind I live with now, I have a deep connection to spirit and for this I have Yoga to thank. I know how to be strong, I know when to let go and move on, I know when to show my weaknesses and vulnerabilities, I know my boundaries, I know how to not let my fears get in my way, I know how to fall and to start again from scratch. I know Grace. 🙏

This is what I love to share in Yoga, not so much how to strike the perfect pose. How to overcome hurdles, to be strong and positive minded, to intimately know your body and breath, to heal, to find ease in the very very uncomfortable and unknown, to be up for whatever is coming next! This is my Yoga. I am so grateful for my journey so far.

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