Is it possible to use our judgemental mind as the source of our own liberation?

Could judging someone else become how we dig ourself out of our own rut, to free our own mind from suffering?  In short my answer would have to be absolutely!    Be honest, we judge away all day long don’t we?  It’s our survival to be in comparison with others, to know where we size up, it’s necessary for our growth.  Notice today what kind of judgements come up for you.  Towards others….. yourself.  It’s endless right?!  I am not the only one surely! The goal to be judgement free is, in my opinion, an unrealistic one.  However the Yogi’s practice of Svadhyaya (‘self-study / self-awareness’) in the Eight Limbs of Yoga is the saviour of our endless (mostly internal) judgemental mind.   To observe, to dig deep into our nature, and then be thankful for that which triggers us ~ for it is what points to where we are not free.  This is the gift of Svadhyaya, to set us free of internal suffering and self-sabotaging ways.  To realise the fears and overcome them with understanding, to heal ourselves. Back in May our Inspya Book Club read The Judgement Detox by Gabby Bernstein and as most detoxes can be it was a harsh purge, however I highly recommend it.  It has practical applications and meditations to support you in releasing what may feel like at times a constant cycle of judging others and/or Self.  It has the power to shift us into loving kindness of Self, in finding our inner peace. 7 Steps in moving from judgement to liberation;

  1. A truly content person has no need to treat someone poorly, speak ill of or see negative in another.  Turn the focus on yourself ~ why am I triggered here?

  2. Honour the wound that lives beneath the judgement, witness your fear.  What no fear?  Umm dig deeper this one is gonna be gold!  Comparing, needing to be 'better than' is a coverup for our weakness/fragility.  Step into vulnerability, be imperfect.

  3. When darkness comes up, welcome it.  Kindly accept you chose wrongly.  Simply choose again.

  4. Compassion is the antidote to judgement.  Ask for the judgement to be replaced with love.

  5. Forgiveness is a willingness to no longer see ourselves as a victim.  We keep fear alive by not forgiving.

  6. Terror and fear cannot dwell in a loving enlightened being.

  7. See the light in others and yourself, treat them as though this is ALL you see.

Since reading the book I have been putting into practice saying "Namaste" to each judgement I make, for what we see in others is a mirror of ourselves.  The light in me honours and recognises this same light is within you.  Gabby says in her book, it's not so much we aim for judgement free, it's how quick our comeback rate is out of the judgement, back to love.  There’s a message in every judgement, there’s an opportunity to heal and release what is holding us back.

Namaste Yogis,

May your minds be your source of creativity and liberation!

Nic Whiteman

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