Is your body whispering to you? Listen closely and you won't have to hear it scream.

Here's how to practice for what you wind down, to chill out, to surge with energy, to make the most of your free time?  Here are my recommended online practices in your Monthly Membership depending on your feels:

Feeling a little overwhelmed, stressed, depleted?

Feel like using the weekend to power up with exercise and conditioning, looking for an energy surge?

Body tender from the gym/exercising/gardening and need to release and reset?

Too long sitting at the desk all week?

Any body parts giving you grief - knees, lower back, shoulders, neck?

  • Foam Roller Upper / Lower Body Releases - release your fascia to support healing from injury/trauma/surgery

  • Upper Body / Lower Body Mobility Sessions 45mins each

  • Check out the series that supports your body part in rehabilitation and avoid aggravation - Loving My Lower Back, Knowing My Knees, Supporting Neck Shoulders + Wrists, Sacred SIJ (sacra-iliac joint/hips/pelvis/spine/scoliosis)

  • contact me for personal recommendations

For more tips on what to practice depending on your needs visit A Guide To Practising with me online.

Sign Up for 24hr Day passes $9.95, Monthly Membership $29 - Yearly Membership $290 plus Private Yoga Session.

Enjoy your weekend of YOU Yogis. 

Namaste, Nic Whiteman

Inspya Yoga Therapies with Nic Whiteman

Tel: 0434 417 261

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