Is your Monkey Mind running your life?

These are the ‘other’ conversations, the private chats within our own minds, perhaps it’s a constant reel of thought jumping from one to another just like a monkey flipping from one branch to another.  These are the stories that no one else hears, and we wouldn’t dare let them.  They are so personal, sometimes they are positive, sometimes they are negative, it depends on our emotional state of being and what is driving them.    More than likely we don’t even know we are having all these thoughts (over 30,000 per day!) yet they are relentless.  Unbeknowns to us this Monkey Mind chatter is directing our lives, our choices, separating us from others, from our true Self, from the truth.

How do we master this chatter?  Take a moment (in fact take many of these throughout the day) to follow the breath and ‘observe’ thought - notice one - then ask yourself is it true?  Or is it a story your Mind has created from anticipation, fear, regret, lack of confidence, comparison, gripping to the past …… if I asked another to validate this as truth right now would they agree or have a different perception?

It takes repeated practice to separate true Self, the observer, from thoughts.  This ability is expediated through meditation.  Practice making space between your thoughts through breathwork, this practice then makes space between you and your thoughts.  This is where the magic is - we can then discern whether it’s true, or a story, and we let the stories go.  We then have the power within us to shift out of states of stress, anxiety, depression.  Instead we are living with awareness.  The Monkey Mind will still be there, but it is no longer the master of our lives.  It’s as though you become the steady, grounded, stable tree from which you can acknowledge the monkeys swinging from your branches, but they are of no bother to you, something to observe, even enjoy and laugh at the wild and loose ones.  Going gently with loving kindness to Self is key.  See the humour in what nearly took you for a crazy ride!

Try it in your next Yoga practice or meditation - in the quiet space, notice a thought then ask - is it true, or is it a story?

In your Online Membership (Day passes available if you are not a monthly member) try;

  • a Yin or Restorative Yoga practice to make time and create space to listen

  • discipline the mind with Meditation on the Breath

  • move your body so you can give your mind a practice in focus with Mind over Matter Hatha Yoga

  • practice discerning your thoughts in a Yoga Nidra - The Space between Thought Meditation (NEW loading Friday!) 

Enjoy your weekend Yogis.  

Namaste, Nic Whiteman

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