Looking for a little magic in your life, ready to create something new? My Top 5 Tips .....

To step into the creative flow of manifesting and receiving first we must declutter so we make space for the magic to arise.  Have you got time this weekend (or in the next few weeks) for a 'spring clean' or perhaps a 'Marie Kondo' version?  Whatever it's called or looks like to you there is no doubt that by releasing old stuff, re-organising, cleaning and clearing space we are immediately filled with good feels right?!  Let alone a satisfying sense of accomplishment.  It's not just about the tangible 'stuff' - it has an impact on our mindset and emotions too.

I recently performed a 'Marie Kondo' on my whole life as I removed all that I no longer needed, re-organised my house, our garage, my home life, my workspace, my commitments, my website, my business location and services, my goals and it feels nothing short of AMAZING!  It doesn't have to be this huge, just do one thing below and you will notice an improvement in how you feel.

Firstly set your intention - what is it you really want?  Know your 'Why', your Soul's driving force.  Next make space for YOUR MAGIC by trying out any of the following;

  • Tidy Up - check out 5 Marie Kondo Tips you can use in tidying up/re-organising your home ~ even better be motivated by her Netflix Show

  • Digitally Declutter and free your creative Mind

  • Remove unnecessary phone Apps, App notifications and alerts/sounds

  • Limit your phone Screen Time for certain Apps - see Settings, Screen Time (can be different each day ie 25mins for FaceBook per day)

  • Schedule in your phone Settings for Do Not Disturb time (eg 7.30pm-8.30am excluding your 'Favourites' in contacts ie emergency persons) silences calls & notifications.  Now you have a set time each day you respond to texts and answer phone calls, and time to be at rest.

  • Create 'File' boxes on your smartphone home screen and place all like-Apps together.  Eg Banking, Shopping, Travel - saves time screen flicking and searching.  Plus the aesthetics of 'neatness' is settling to most nervous systems ;-)

  • Connect all your devices/calendars/logins so they talk to each other (I only know Apple and this is a godsend for me saves so much time and brain space!)

  • Connect your family's calendars on smartphones so you only have to say it once and set reminder alerts ;-)

  • Place a basket in the living room and everyone's phone has to go in the basket for a period of time every day eg 6pm-bedtime.  Family connection and reduced blue screen improves sleep.

  • Meditate - allow 5 mins per day to breathe and focus on what you want - know your motivation and what you are making space for.  Try the Manifesting Meditation + Space Between Thought Meditation in your online membership.  

  • Journal - mind dumping!  Take pen to paper first thing in the morning or last thing at night and just start writing.  Write about your worries, your concerns, negative thoughts, your goals, your dreams, your next step or action, a shitty-first-draft of an awkward conversation needing to be had.

  • Energy Awareness - notice when you are around people or places who you feel drained or negative when near.  Choose not to be, or start a ritual to re-energise and protect your vibe when you have to be.  Declutter your human connections too!  

Enjoy your weekend making space for magic Yogis.  

Namaste, Nic Whiteman

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