My 3 tips for firing up your self-discipline in your home Yoga practice...

You are not alone if you find it a challenge getting into a regular routine or discipline to practice your Yoga at home. In the Eight Limbs of Yoga, the 2nd limb is the Niyamas - I see the 5 x Yamas as the moral and ethical guidelines for how the yogi ideally acts in society and in relationship to others, and the 5 x Niyamas as the same outline but for how the Yogi treats themself. These 5 observances are done in silence as a personal exploration of the inner body, mind and soul, never done for worldly praise for then they miss their mark.

One of the 5 Niyamas is 'Tapas', translated as 'generating heat to burn off impurities'. It's the fire inside that drives us to do what needs to be done, whilst having an acceptance that there are certain pains that lead to purification and honouring of Self. The essence of Tapas is a discipline that comes from a place of love for oneself....not a form of punishment. Sticking to something you set out to do - especially when it challenges your go-to habits - takes discipline. So many of our habits unfortunately are destructive, to achieve our goals we must be honest with ourselves, come from a place of absolute self-love and a willingness to grow and heal. Read more on Tapas in my blog here Discipline as a Pathway to Liberation

"We can know everything there is to know about food, from the planting to harvesting to serving, but we must ingest it to be nourished. We can study Yoga and come to know its myriad aspects and applications, but we must practice it with enduring effort and self-discipline for it to unfold it's many blessings in our lives." Bhava Ram

My 3 tips on igniting your 'tapas':

  1. Know your why - write it down, maybe it's a sentence, a paragraph or page...why is it YOU want to have an at-home Yoga practice? What will the benefits be? This is about tapping into our inner fire - what is driving you from within? Be honest, how do you feel now and how do you want to feel?

  2. Set up and decorate your space so it's inviting, (my tips here) if not a permanent spot then have all your props in one location/bag so you are ready to go no fuss ~ place an inspirational reminder like a spiritual item or a post-it note with a quote that reminds you of your why!

  3. Start each day with gratitude - write down one thing you are grateful for each day. It will give you a feel good mood which will allow you to connect back to your why and you'll feel open to receive the gift of practice for yourself.

Yoga is something you can safely practice every single day. However, some of the series online such as Feel The Burn & Foam Roller are best repeated every 2nd or 3rd day. Start easy with a daily practice of 5-15min meditation/breathwork, Morning or Mini Limbers. Then on a weekly basis vary whether you are doing movement and strength one day, rest and releases another - balance your Yin and Yang. Would you like me to help plan our your week/month of practice ~ email me ( so we can find the best online practices to suit your routine and needs. Did you know you get 7 days FREE trial in the Monthly Membership?

Enjoy your week of finding your inner fire, your self-discipline and making new habits!

Namaste, Nic Whiteman

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