What are your best moves in Winter hibernation?

There is no other time of the year where it is more important to keep moving than in winter ~ a little extra warm unctuous food to get through our system, moving the lymph system for detoxing (those extra teas, coffees, treats and mulled wine by the fire perhaps) plus heating up muscles to get the metabolism and circulatory system boosted and keep warm!  

Some suggestions are below especially for YOU if....

  • with the re-opening of gyms, studios and some sporting activities you may be in need of maintenance whilst revisiting some movements you may not have made for a while!  

  • perhaps the cold weather and staying at home has meant your couch time or fur children cuddles are taking priority ~ some gentle couch side whole body movements will do just the trick!

  • not ready to get back to the gym or too cold to go walking but want something more vigorous at home to supercharge the cardio!

Or perhaps you're...

  • in need of a little group motivation and ready to venture out into the wilderness? Check out Women Want Adventure for their NSW day trips - hikes & kayaking 

  • tempted to just get away?? Check out Lara Vale travel @laravale_travel for some local NSW getaway deals and inspirations! 

Keep up those winter moves Yogis!  I look forward to seeing you on the virtual mat or outdoors somewhere soon.  

Reminder Day Passes now available 24hr access $9.95 if you're not a monthly member -click here.

Feeling a bit stiff + sore after return to the gym or Pilates?

- Foam Roller Release Upper & Lower Body

- Yin for Whole Body

- Yin for Hips (glutes and legs)

- Yin for Thoracic, Neck & Shoulders

- Yin Restore Upper Body

- Restorative Yoga Evening Release

- Glutes & Groin Releases (20mins)

- Shoulders Neck & Wrists II Releases (20mins)

- Morning Limber & Spinal Flow

Need some gentle couch-side movements?

- Meditation + Gentle Hip Openers

- Chair Yoga I, II, III

- Sun Salutation Easy Does it

- Yin Yang Flow I, II, III

- Heart Flow + Meditation

- Express FPPs

- Core Series II Activation

- Loving My Lower Back I & II

- Shoulders Neck + Wrists I & III

Keen for more vigorous movements at home?

- Finding Core in your Yoga

- Bringing Bhav into your practice

- Yogalates CORE I, II, III & 30 mins

- Yoga Align Energy Flow

- Signature Yogalates & Yoga Align

- Express Thoracic Warmer (20mins)

- Express Hippy Flow (20mins)

- Core Tiger Flow I, II, III

- Full'n Hearty Flow

- Yogalates Flow I, II, III

- Core Series IV Standing Strong

- Core Series VI All Around

- Foam Roller - Core with Releases

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