Why I love working with and healing with Chakras

Ever since at 19yrs old meeting an amazing Naturopath, Debbie Patterson, she gave me The Anatomy of The Spirit by Carolyn Myss (which I have now read a dozen times over), I have lived reflecting on all my experiences, ailments and injuries with connection to my Chakras. After 26yrs (and many ailments later) this became my way of being I have come to learn that we each have an incredible healing potential, that every physical condition has an emotional element behind it, and therefore nothing physical can ever be fully healed without considering the Spirit. We can only truly heal ourselves as a whole being, the physical symptom is the messenger from our Soul.

This is what I love sharing on my retreats - where we focus on one Chakra each class - reflecting on the physical body parts, the elements, the mind and its patterns of thought, emotional ways of being and habits we have formed, meditations and inspirations to shift into our truest nature and getting the rest out of our own way. Awake and aware, the only way to truly heal ourselves.

This Friday 4th January 6.30-8.30pm I still have 3 spots left in my Chakra Balancing Workshop. Join me on retreat 2019 - I have 7 spots left 22nd Sept in Bali $300 deposit to hold your spot - I would love to share this practice with you.



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