Wishing you felt more hippy than stiffy?

How are those hips?  Feeling free-flowing and mobile or feeling a little restricted of late?  Did you know that energetically we store un-expressed emotions in our hips and this can be a reason for them feeling tight or aggravated in movement.  Perhaps you sit for long periods of time throughout your day, or the winter season has meant you've moved a little less than usual.  Sometimes it shows up in our knees, when there is restricted range in the hip joint, weakness or misalignment it impacts the way we stand and walk and how we use our feet, unfortunately for the knees being the joint in-between they suffer from this misalignment also.

Having good mobility in our hips is said to correlate with our ability to let go of fears, the need to control (or be controlled by) others or our external environment and being able to go with the flow of life, trusting in it's process.  Having good strength and stability in our hips not only supports our core, lessens tension in the outer glute muscles and the lower back, re-aligns the knees, but it also allows us to feel more grounded, stable and steadfast - both mind and body.  

Feeling fearful, emotional instability, lazy, financial stress, suppressed desires, lacking passion, creativity?  Perhaps getting a little hippy will help!  Hips are associated with the energy of the Sacral Chakra being imbalanced - have a peek here for more information on this Chakra for holistic healing.

Check out below some suggestions in your online library for working with hips - use the search bar to find each one.

Enjoy your week Yogis - gettin' hippy less stiffy!

Namaste, Nic Whiteman

Find your 'hippy' Soul in your online membership with these practices:

  • NEW Posterior Chain Strengthening + Prone Functional Pelvic Patterns - perfect for all hip conditions, especially good if you sit a lot, have tight hip flexors, weak pelvic floor

  • Express Hippy Flow - 14mins flowing and freeing up the hips, legs and lower back

  • Restore My Hips - 75mins of deep releases for the hips

  • Hips'n Twists - 30mins of Hatha Yoga balance of strengthening and stretching

  • all practices in the 'Sacred SIJ Series' are supporting the stability of pelvic floor and hips

  • all practices in the 'Knowing My Knees Series' are to re-align/correct use of feet, knees, hips, lots of theraband work

  • Express FPPs - great for switching on and fine tuning the stabilisers

  • Glutes & Groin Releases - 17mins of deep hip stretches

  • Core Series IV - Standing Strong - for stability and strength

  • Feel the Burn Series - Glutes, Booty Burner and Heated Hippy for strengthening, stability and feeling back in control of those hips and your life

  • Go With The Flow Meditation - for letting go of control and built up stress and emotions

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