Phone 0434 417 261 or email Nic to request times

Private studio locations; SYLVANIA WATERS + CRONULLA

PRIVATE ONE-TO-ONE YOGA 1hr 15mins (longer on request)

A private Yoga session is ideal if you are a beginner joining my online yoga studio, want to start a home practice, exploring group classes seeking more understanding of Yoga, your personal needs and possible modifications.  Also for the Yogi who wants to deepen their practice physically or spiritually.  I specialise in programs for conditions and rehabilitation (such as pregnancy, Osteoporosis, MS, Arthritis, Scoliosis, acute lower back conditions, pelvic floor & core strengthening, pelvic alignment/Sacro-iliac Dysfunction, knees, shoulders, wrists, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and asthma). Yoga can be a beneficial tool in tuning into the body's messages and discovering how to maintain and improve quality of every day life.  I have 16 years experience and am confident working with acute injuries and conditions. My sessions can be either a rehabilitative, restorative or strengthening focus. If you find group classes too challenging or if you have a condition that requires more modifications in a general class it is highly beneficial to have a private consult.  I am recognised by local practitioners as providing substantial support assisting with recovery and practicing safely.   In some cases a letter of recommendation may be required from your health care provider before commencing sessions, please let me know of any acute conditions prior to appointment.

$120 for 1hr15min session @Inspya, $130 for 1hr if home/onsite visit

(online + in-person available, one or two people per session)

Package Specials;

3 x 1hr15min Private Sessions + 3 months access to personal online practice $330

6 x 1hr15min Private Sessions + 6 months access to personal online practice $630


Correct breathing is associated with reducing anxiety, depression, insomnia, high blood pressure, asthma and digestive issues.  It is also known to improve core stability, spinal and pelvis support.  Beneficial for those wanting to start a meditation practice or move deeper into and explore your practice.  The benefits of a meditation practice along with efficient day to day breathing is limitless, including improves will power, mindset and concentration also pain management with acute conditions. I work with a variety of Yogic practices in Pranayama (breathing techniques), Kriya Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Mantra and Mudra.


$95 for 1 hr session @ Inspya, $120 1hr home or onsite visit 

(online &  in-person available)- see options above for packages including access to personal online yoga studio to support your regular at-home practice.


I absolutely love this work, it is my life's work - my Dharma, but it has not been an easy ride all along.....even though as Yoga teachers we're meant do everything we can to make it look easy because we do love it so!  I have been in the industry for over 16 years, starting up Yoga studios in three different venues, twice now from scratch, managing over 20 teachers and therapists within the business.  I have also spent the last 10 years hosting retreats and teacher trainings all over the world.  What I have learnt over these years from trial and error could be so useful to support other teachers, whether you are just starting out or wanting to update your business model, perhaps Yoga studio owners wanting tips and strategies in the hope to skip some unnecessary experiences.   There is never just one way that works, it is personal.  Stepping into the role of teacher or studio owner is a responsibility and evokes full accountability to the Yoga which we love, and because of this it is so rewarding on a personal level.  If you are taking on these challenges alone and want an understanding ear or a point in the right direction I would love to help.


$95 for 1hr session (online & in-person available)

Inspya Yoga Therapies with Nic Whiteman

Tel: 0434 417 261

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