"Brilliant Yoga teacher! Nicole's online classes are fantastic for my busy work schedule as a GP. There is great flexibility, having classes of different lengths and also for different energy levels. The shorter classes are good to get some exercise in before work or when I am keen at lunch time behind the closed door of my office. The online classes help me balance out long hours of sitting at a desk. Nicole's outstanding grasp of anatomy and biomechanics not only helps strengthen my body and get my stiff body moving better, it has fixed my neck and back pain. She also has an uncanny nack of knowing what you are going to do wrong even when she can't see you, so manages to correct your postures and prevent you injuring yourself. Highly Recommended!"  Sharyn

"Just love Nic’s classes! She has a great knowledge and an abundance of experience, especially with injuries. I walk into a class with my usual unstable and sore SIJ and walk out a new woman! Highly recommend Nic’s classes, whether it is in person or online!"  Christina

"I particularly like the flow classes and core burn styles. I choose a range of 15 minute to 1 hr classes. The 15 minute classes are great to get you moving if you are strapped for time, working etc.
Nic is a great teacher with a wealth of experience. Her instructions are clear and concise and she caters well for all levels of fitness, age, purpose and mind set. I love Inspya Me Online Yoga as I can do the classes at a time that suits me, there are a large variety of lessons of both time and purpose and Nic's instructions are first class."  

"Absolutely love Nic’s online videos and virtual classes, the content is such high quality and done so professionally it’s almost like she’s in my living room! So great also to be able to choose from so many different videos depending on my mood."  Mel

"This studio, the online access and Nic herself are all awesome. I had never done Yoga before and Nic taught me so well.... I understand why I do certain movements and hows the smallest adjustment to that movement has a whole different impact on my body and mind.Give it a go if you're hesitating - it's the best!!"  Belinda

"I have been a longtime passionate devotee of Nic’s classes and her knowledgeable, caring and supportive teaching style. The opportunity to join Nic’s online studio has allowed me to practise yoga at any time I choose and the wonderful variety of class types means you can select a style that is a fit for you and your needs on that day. Nic has maintained the nurturing quality of her teaching as she guides you through the poses just as she would if you were together in a studio. I would highly recommend Nic’s online studio as it offers flexibility, a wide variety of classes, and an experienced and knowledgeable teacher."  Deb

“I have been a client of Nicole’s for over twelve years, attending many of her varied classes at her studio. Throughout this time, she has supported me in my physical fitness and mental health, several pregnancies, including a multiple birth and recovery and most recently as one of her Sydney students of Yogalates Teacher Training.  When teaching a class, Nicole has an innate ability to absolutely challenge each individual by pushing them to their limits, combined with the art of setting up the body perfectly during asanas, in a completely safe way, with relatable cues to avoid injury.


I chose to take the Yogalates Teacher Training course with Nicole’s encouragement and support and was fortunate to have her as the Sydney teacher trainer. I feel truly blessed to have shared this experience with such a talented, caring and beautiful soul. Nicole compliments the amazing team in Byron with her insight and deep understanding of the practice of Yogalates, coupled with an extensive level of knowledge in Anatomy.  What makes Nicole stand out is her ability to share this with her students in a very personal yet professional way. Her honest and open approach to teaching allowed her to share many stories and experiences. It is her humour and unique style that made every lecture interesting and always relatable.

Nicole always showed patience and genuine care, giving her time for each student, endeavouring to support and encourage them in their personal journey and instil confidence. This ongoing support remaining even after the conclusion of the course.

I look forward to continuing my journey with Nicole both as her student and inspired fellow teacher and becoming a part of the Yogalates family.”

Carla Barnes, St George area

"I have attended 5 retreats with Nicole and can highly recommend them. Nicole is an extremely skilful teacher, the best I have met, absolutely world-class I reckon! I have not seen or experienced other teachers attend to participants with the care and individualised attention they do at any other class or retreat. She knows how to teach in a way that brings out the best possible practice in everyone in the room.   Her retreat in Bali  was sensational for strengthening mind, body & spirit! It's amazing how different you can feel in 4 days when you have a world class teacher guiding your practice. If you would like to recharge YOU and looking for an experience that will nourish your body, mind and spirit register now – highly highly recommended!! Thank you Nicole for such a wonderful retreat. You are the gold standard of yoga teachers! "   

Sandra, Sutherland Shire

"I've just returned from my second amazing retreat in Bali under Nicole's physical and spiritual guidance. I joined the retreat with a heavy mind and a soul that needed to be rescued. I came with an open mind and surrended myself in hope of transformational change. I wasn't let down. Through yoga, meditation, chakra realignment, massage, nourishing food, and surfing I was able to experience an entire mind, body and soul detox. Nicole provided a safe, loving and compassionate environment that was conducive to the needs of all yogi's. I can't wait to see what she'll plan next year." 

Dave Drury, Sydney

"From the first contact to leaving the retreat, i felt totally comfortable in my decision, especially being the first retreat I'd been to. The yoga of course was the highlight but the total experience has been memorable. The group size was perfect, the relaxed environment was ideal, something i wanted in the retreat. I gained many other insights on top of the yoga and being able to relax. The vegetarian menu was an eye-opener to exotic flavours and dishes that i only hope to try again. Nicole was very approachable and more than happy to pass on her knowledge beyond yoga. I gained much benefit from Nicole's in depth knowledge on many topics that encompasses life knowledge. Many laughs were had and being able to retreat or be involved as much or as little as wanted was just what i needed. Thank you for a wonderful experience, i have come away more fulfilled and a better person."  

Leanne Edwards, QLD

"Nicole has a peace about her which transmits to all participants of her yogalates classes. I love that her light- hearted humour puts everyone at ease whilst still challenging us to extend our bodies into grace and openess. I feel strengthened by her classes and highly recommend her."  

Cassandra - Spiritual Healer & Accupuncturist

"Absolutely wonderful Chakra Balancing Workshop! Nic provides space and containment, guidance plus plenty of opportunity for self-discovery. Nic oozes strength through her gentleness with humility through her wealth of wisdom. Her classes, workshops and retreats are one of a kind and facilitate powerful spiritual journeys."

Natalie Haider, Sydney

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for another amazing chakra workshop and welcoming my friends so warmly into your Shala.  It honestly had never occurred to me that 2.5 hours might be a bit long for someone who has never tried yoga before hahaha! But in all honesty I think your workshop is much more than yoga...  To me your class is more spiritual, it helps you align your body, intentions and mind, to clear blocked energies and let go of anything causing them. It is a healing class where you come away feeling lighter with your soul cleansed.  They both loved it and now have two new friends who want to join me for every workshop.  Every time I do your Chakra workshop I come away healed... seriously.  The first time my chronic neck ache vanished, the second, my ankle healed 3 weeks faster than expected, the third time I had an infected wisdom tooth, I had been to the dentist 3 times about it and the day after your class it disappeared.  Just wanted to give you a little feedback. Thankyou for another amazing experience." 

Jacqui Neylan-Nolan, Sydney

"Nic has been helping me for a long time and I trust her completely as a healing massage therapist; as a yoga teacher; as a teacher of meditation and breathing techniques; as a retreat leader; and she has taught us so much about the 7 Chakra's; about Ayerveda; about how our choice of foods on a daily basis can affect us and how just a little bit of consideration in our choices can assist us. And her sense of humour is ledendary. What more could you want?" 

Tracey Barnes, Gymea Bay

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