YogalatesTM is a unique blend of Yoga and Pilates, yet not simply these two combined to make one class. The creator of the Solomon YogalatesTM Method, Louise Solomon, developed this method in the 90's and started her teacher training in Byron Bay in 2000, also in Italy, and since 2016 in Sydney and Bali. What makes this method so unique is that unlike many practices of Yoga where the breath is taught as inhale and exhale, Yogalates takes you deeper into teaching how to functionally work with the breath, for many this means re-training poor breathing patterns. The functional breath in Yogalates becomes the 'core', supporting the body structurally, the nervous system and an awareness at the centre of our 'being'. YogalatesTM also works closely with alignment of the body in postures, working from a neutral spine base, which with repetitive practice helps correct postural imbalances that may be inhibiting functional movement, breathing, causing pain, injury and other conditions in the body. Yogalates is a mindful practice that refines the body and the breath by taking you deeper into awareness, liberating the mind.  

Nic Whiteman is a YogalatesTM Master Trainer working alongside Louise Solomon and the Yoga Pilates Training Academy Byron Bay. YogalatesTM offers teacher trainings in Sydney, Byron Bay, Bali and Europe.  

The YogalatesTM course can change your life in a positive way and set you on an incredibly rewarding career path or complement the one that you already have. We have been enjoying supporting our students to graduate and become teachers since 2001 and have the longest running Teacher Training program in the Byron Shire.

Only YogalatesTM fuses principles of core stability with the foundation of Yoga Therapy. With over 29 years experience in the development and fusion of core stability into asana, we are considered experts in the field by the Australian Yoga Teachers Association. Our Teacher Training provides the best foundation for your personal practice, for your Yoga or Pilates teaching journey and for further exploration and study. Yogalates is compatible with other styles of Yoga or Pilates and supports other modalities such as Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Massage, Occupational Therapy and Fitness Instruction.

"The Solomon Yogalates Method gives you the confidence to teach any body type that enters your Yoga room.  It's a complete practice with all the anatomical understanding of not only the poses but also physical conditions and how to modify for the individual.  The Philosophy and Pranayama modules are deeply transformative and it's with this experience we have so much more to share with our students.  Louise Solomon is truly a Master in the field of core fusion, without losing the true essence of Yoga.  It is an honour to be a part of the Yogalates tribe.

2016 Graduate Sydney

"The Yogalates teacher training was life transforming! It not only gave me the skills, knowledge and confidence  to teach, it also taught me how to deepen my own  practice. I could not be happier with how it unfolded.  The course was so detailed, organized, and 

professional.  Thank you from the deepest center of my  heart!"   

2017 Graduate Tuscany,Italy

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